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The progress of local communities is not possible without the involvement of young people. But many young people are not interested or not capable of taking a part in the decision making process of their communities due to unadjusted and incomprehensible approach toward them from the side of local authorities. The issue of the low youth participation can be solved by shaping the e-democracy mechanisms according to the needs and habits of young people. Local authorities should join them on the places where they are spending most of the time online and through processes of education, information sharing and empowerment made them active citizens in their local community

In order to help in the process of making e-democracy more youth friendly on the local level CSO Libero and its partners are proudly presenting YOUTHILIZE E- DEMOCRACY GUIDE! This guide is created for local authorities and other actors from local level who intend to establish e-democratic and e-participation procedures adjusted to needs and habits of young people. In it you will find a set of recommendations, tips, advice and examples of mechanisms for introducing e-democracy to the youth.

The Guide can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the button bellow.

This Guide was developed within the “yoUThILIZE e-democracy” project, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


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