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For becoming a valuable local actor it is important to be recognized by local community and recommended by your willing to act. During past years Libero was working on building its credibility of local actor through building its partnerships, initiating activities and changes, organizing different events and by having an active role in empowering civic activism by raising transparency and connecting students, NGOs, schools and local authorities.

Since establishment in 2002, Libero has successfully implemented over 30 international projects as lead applicant driven by: Educating citizens of Serbia for participation in democratic processes and the processes of the European integration; Inciting and developing the freedom of thinking and speech; Building a civil society and developing citizen activism; Protecting and developing the rights of the youth; Working on promoting values of an intercultural society; Spreading the knowledge about human rights through NFE; etc. In our work, we’ve always been focused on improving our societies by bringing EU values, policies and experience in above mentioned fields, to the citizens in the region. We’ve recognized local authorities as a key partner in changing life conditions in our societies, thus they are for years an integral part of our projects. Also, Libero recognized value of Internet for todays life, and started using it as a main tool for influencing a change through our projects.

In past 4 years Libero brought together number of local authorities to cooperate on project Virtual Feels Real. It included local authorities of 20 cities in Serbia, in order to prevent online hate speech on social networks. Libero cooperated with UNICEF and raise capacities of social services to become gathering point for teams that should work on prevention of violence against children.

Libero is recognized by local authorities as a partner who can give a contribution to cooperation projects that will help networking between different local communities and get involved in process of promotion of EU citizenship, policies and values to their citizens.


By creating LOC@L Libero is commiting itself to the next level of contributing to better local communities which are coming closer to EU.

Here is where Libero will gather all its partners and knowledge in the field, initiate future cooperations and offer it to everyone who is interested in being a part in modern, more connected and eager to grow communities.

We believe that this portal will contribute to citizens’ understanding of what is important for better local communities, to understand EU intergation in light of their everyday lives and to learn how to use new media in understanding EU policies and theirown rights and duties coming out of this arrangement.

Last research conducted by European Integration Office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in December 2016, showed that only 33% of respondents have positive perception of EU and that presence of prejudices like fear of losing national identity and lowering importance of our country in the decision making process, is high. Braking some prejudices and stereotypes through clear information to citizens about meaning of some reforms will help combat euroscepticism and promote idea of European citizenship.

At LOC@L we will talk about arguments of eurosceptics and “deconstruct” them answering those arguments with facts about how Union improves life of its citizens. We will use social media for this and also for celebrating divercity of local communities.


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