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and, moreover, engage with us! We’ll be sharing content relevant to promoting EU integration and its effects to our lives . Let us know what you think – like it, share it, comment on it. We’d also love to know your thoughts on the topic – raise issues, post content, express your opinions, join discussions, and let us know what you are doing to bring EU closer to your community and to bring your community closer to EU.


#loc@l #EU4people

We also look forward to using social media for its networking potential. We want to reach as many individuals as possible with our message. Through awareness and education we can build the support network necessary for achieving greater societal change. To this end, we encourage you to share your activity on LOC@L portal with your friends, family and groups in which you are involved. If you are part of an organization, please encourage your members to join us. The greater our network, the greater our impact!


Here you can find a tool for making posters that you can share on social media. This is our main campaign tool and we look forward to your creativity in developing a gallery of messages from around the real and virtual worlds.

By making a poster, you are making a statement. Upload a photograph of yourself using the [uploader].

When all fields are complete, one further click will generate your poster! The following are several examples:

I am a student who used the possibilities of Erasmus+ programme. EU effects my life in a way that it gave me the chance to learn, travel, meet different people and gather valuable experience #loc@l #EU4people

There’s one more crucial step to take – make your statement visible! Click on the [share buttons] to share your poster on your social media profiles. We’ll also add to your visibility by adding your poster to our gallery and sharing some of the most inspiring messages on Facebook.


Joining the campaign is as simple as contributing your voice to the discussion, which can be done in a number of ways whether you are an individual or an organization. Use our tools – from the hashtag #loc@l and #EU4people to following and engaging with us on Facebook and to making your own poster – there are many possibilities for you to express your unique voice.

Be creative, and let us know what you are doing! The basic principles, however, are simply this: talk about your participation and realize the actions you’ve come up with to promote EU impact on your community and your everyday life.

Individuals can:

Tell their peers and encourage discussion with them about online activism for better local communities;
Choose one aspect of EU integration and find out who in your community is working on it. Reach out to them and let them know about your solidarity;
Organize a community event, such as a film screening, concert, theater piece or discussion, in which EU is discussed, as well as how the community can respond;
Talk to the people in your community about EU and its positive impacts on our everyday lives!

Groups and organizations can:

Let all of your members and supporters know that you are joining LOC@L and encourage them to join too;
Organize a community event such as a workshop, training session, or public hearing in collaboration with partner organizations, inviting members of the community as well as policymakers;
Invite local artists to address the topic and create an exhibition;
Organize various events to raise awareness about the importance of topic;


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