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 We invite you to apply for participation in the training Europe Training and becoming a peer educator on the subject of the European Union.

The training is intended for secondary school students from Belgrade and will be held in the period from September 21st to 24th in the building of theBelgradeYouth Center.


The aim of the training is to present to you and other participants all the positive aspects of Serbia’s future membership in the European Union, and discuss ways of overcoming myths and prejudices about EU that exist among young people.
After the training, you will gain the title of a peer educator and you will be able to transfer the knowledge on all the good sides that EU can bring to young people, such as opportunities for education, mobility and employment.
This project is realized by the CSO Libero in cooperation with the Municipality of Vračar. The project is supported by the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia.


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